One of the main purposes of our children’s section is to make it fun and easy for children to learn about our Racial Religion "Creativity".

We have included games to play, stories to read and much more, over the next few months we want to create a “Creator Kids” Art – Poetry and Story page, so if your child is talented in any of these areas please send it to the Staff of Creator Kids, so we can add it to our upcoming section.

We will try to add as much as possible to this section of the Creativity Alliance Website. We want our Children to grow up loving their Race; and we want to stop them from being influenced by the sick and degenerate society of today, which promotes the destruction of our Racial heritage, and all other sorts of degeneracy.

It is our duty, as White people, to stop the decline of our White civilizations all over the world, which has been on a constant downfall since 1945. It all starts with the proper raising of our children... We will also start a history section, where we will focus on many wonderful Aryan men and women, it’s time our children knew of our heroic men and women who fought past and present to secure their future.

Education is the Key!

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