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Michigan Prisoners Protest Food, Overcrowding, Insanitary Conditions

Press Release From Reverend Joel Dufresne Re, Kinross Correctional Facility, Michigan Department of Corrections The MDOC, Michigan Department of Corrections, has attempted to censor what the protest at Kinross Correctional Facility, KCF, was truly about.  The administration misleads the media by stating that the demonstration performed by the incarcerated body, was solely due to the […]

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WRL & POW Cory Traxler Needs Your Help

Hi, I am a friend of Cory Traxler, an imprisoned White Nationalist whom you may know. In 2009 he was sent to federal prison for firearms violations. Cory has been a devoted activist for our struggle for several years, organizing two state efforts, and working with numerous other national organizations including, NSM, American Renissance, National […]

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40 AC (Forty Years of Creativity) And a Personal Update

White Racialist Greetings my Brothers and Sisters, I send greetings from the gulag on this, the fortieth anniversary of Creativity – 40 AC (2013 CE). As a Brother and Reverend with Founder Klassen’s Church of the Creator, and later a Reverend Doctor with the Church of Creativity (Creativity Alliance), I am honoured to be with […]

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Religious Discrimination

Racial Greetings and hail to you Comrades, I hope you are all in the very best of Salubrious health, and the highest of Creative spirits. I have been informed that Michelle Jordan of the Central Office in Tallahassee is claiming that our Religious Emblem is a “Security Threat” and we are part of the Ku […]

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Living Creativity

Sorry fellow Creators for the 10 month delay in a new article. By no means was it my fault. My Zionist captors had their foot on my neck. Hopefully there will be no further delays. I wish to thank P.M. Reverend Cailen Cambeul and Brother Mikey for all their support while I was in lockdown. […]

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Open Letter from Reverend Joseph Esposito to all Creators

Open Letter from Reverend Joseph Esposito to all Creators October 12, 2009   Greetings Aryan Brothers and Sisters, This communication is made in honor of those courageous men and women, who wear our Brand with the clearest of consciousness and have reached the stage of awareness required to willingly make the ultimate sacrifice of their […]

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Reverend Joseph Esposito

September 8, 36 AC Dear Brothers And Sisters, Racialist Greetings! My name is Rev. Joseph Esposito and I am an original member of the Church of the Creator, friend of our Pontifex Maximus, Ben Klassen, since 1974, when the church was still located at Light House Point, Florida.  I first learned of the Church of […]

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  • Creativity is a legally recognised religion for White people, by White people. It objects to amongst other things, Christianity, multiculturalism and Marxism. Creators do not believe in gods or devils, an after-life, heaven or hell. Creators do believe in maintaining a balance with nature while keeping a sound mind, in a sound body, in a sound society, in a sound environment.

    Rev. Dr Esposito has been a Creator since the first years of Creativity in 1974 CE.

    Joseph Esposito #20315402
    Snake River CI
    777 Stanton Blvd
    Ontario, Oregon
    U.S.A. 97914

    John C. Barletta #80698
    Central NM Correctional Facility
    P.O. Drawer 1328
    Los Lunas, New Mexico
    U.S.A. 87031-1328

    James Holbrook #48051-177
    FCI Seagoville
    PO Box 9000
    Seagoville, Texas
    U.S.A. 75159-9000

    Joel Dufresne #257173
    Kinross Correctional Facility
    4533 W Industrial Park
    Kincheloe, Michigan
    U.S.A. 49786

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